The UK-based Floridian solo project BADiSUN, from the singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer TJ Whiting, embraces the genre-less future of music. By fuelling his tracks with impassion and creativity, instead of being blindly led by the desire to fit into the restrictive parameters of pigeonholes, he is bringing in the new wave of alternative trap.

Elements of trap, rock, rap, and indie are in the unexclusive handful of styles that filter into the independent artist’s visceral aural tapestry. BADiSUN made himself known to the world via his debut single, Out of Luck, which hit all streaming platforms in October 2022. The track kicks off with a turbulently distorted intro before breaking into an earwormy flow of 808, synths and heavy electronic effects that create a hook-rife soundscape for the riled yet soulful vocals to blaze across.

The individualistic volatility of the debut single proved that while influences of MGK, I Prevail, Blackbear, Linkin Park, Iann Dior and the Kid LAROI are at the core of his sound, BADiSUN always wears his emotions on his sleeve, not his inspirations. While Out of Luck breaks new unchartered ground, none of the accessibility to his sound has been compromised in the endeavour to never assimilate.

In place of ego and cliché aesthetics, BADiSUN is set to make his impression in the industry through the connections he makes through his raw, unfiltered expression, razor-sharp vocal hooks and massive productions that embrace his metalcore and rock roots. The BADiSUN sophomore single, Bilingual, is the perfect example of his commitment to lyrical vulnerability and honesty. The introspective-deep hit creates an immersive sense of duality through the harmonic rap verses and the inclusion of post-hardcore backing vocals towards the stormer of an outro.

The dizzying flow of the Floridian UK-based solo artist’s complex rhyming scheme in Bilingual allows the melodic indie single to reach the pinnacle of rap flow charisma. While the choral reverb-y guitars against the solid 808s serenade you into the pace of the confessionally intimate single, which refuses to succumb to the demons determined to sink us into subjugation to them. To compliment his current catalog BADiSUN collaborated with Carré Sinistre. “Carré Sinistre, a producer, composer, and remixer from France, has imbued “Bilingual (Carré Sinistre Remix)” with waves of warm resonating synths, which add a fresh and renewed gloss to the original recording. BADiSUN’s mellifluous vocals fit the remix like a glove.” -Jeena Johnson, 

Roses is the third original single crafted by BADiSUN, which dials back the heavy electronica motifs from his debut and sophomore release to give you a more intimate view into the psyche that his creativity spills from. Using an almost spoken-word cadence along bright and warm piano keys and synths, the latest release is yet another demonstration of the eclectic experimentalism from the artist who more than has what it takes to become one of the most prominent voices in alt-trap.

While the screamo metalcore vocals and glitchy electronica sequences make sporadic appearances, the flow of the quasi-lullaby-Esque release stays on a magnetic track while incorporating a sense of dynamism into the bitter-sweet single that carries rhythmically intoxicating propensities.

BADiSUN’s debut album, BAD, is set for official release later in 2023 – save space on your radar for more vindicating alt-trap tracks that will become a playlist staple for anyone that appreciates massive beats and even bigger lyrical confessionals.

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