The breakthrough Metalcore solo artist, PHELIXX LAKE, blazed onto the post-hardcore scene in October 2022 with his evocative juggernaut of a debut single, Recovery, which bites back at the fake friends you will lose along the path to enlightenment. The anthemic vocal layering testifies to the ironically uncathartic healing process, while the euphonic electronica increments are poised next to the rugged bass and metalcore guitar chops.

PHELIXX LAKE has already made its way onto over 50 popular Spotify playlists, including All New Metal, New Blood, and Metal UK. Having relocated to Kansas City from the point of origin where the project began, TJ Whiting swiftly garnered acclaim on both sides of the Atlantic and beyond.

The sophomore release, Echo, released in timely succession towards the end of 2022, quickly garnered the same hype as the independent artist solidified his brand of viscerally momentous candour. The confessionally tumultuous single conceptually follows on from the debut, which grasps at the loneliness of the path towards personal growth as it grapples with the phenomenon of being at odds with a new identity that feels alien in the absence of the toxic dynamics that we construct around ourselves.

The third single, Infrared, was released through the record label and music promotion company Ghost Killer Entertainment. Teaming up with GKE marks a massive milestone in the career of PHELIXX LAKE. Infrared keeps up the momentum from the two preceding singles while making room for extended atmosphere-laden melodic interludes, allowing the monolithic breakdowns to hit that much harder. With effect-pinched harmonies contrasting the outcries of the screamo vocals, fans will experience PHELIXX LAKE’s Jekyll and Hyde dualistic nature that amplifies the energy in the blistering instrumental hooks and eclectic alt-rock and alt-metal inclinations.

The first release of 2023, Trapped, came out of the gate swinging. The brutal verses punch hard in this track. Trapped was released through the music promotion company Scene Daddy premiering on their YouTube on March 3rd, 2023. Collaborating with SD marks yet again a large milestone in the career of the artist who is never afraid to push the envelope away from the archetypal metalcore structures towards an innovative new wave of emotion-driven post-hardcore.

In the single, PHELIXX LAKE and Joel Dickson masterfully drive Devastating Outcomes to celestial heights, weaving an intricate tapestry of both harsh and soaring vocal flavors, alongside razor-sharp harmonies, propelled by a relentless torrent of churning rhythms and thunderous drums. The result is an explosive amalgamation that careens through the audial landscape with a ferocity that leaves no soul untouched.

Sway, paints a vivid picture of raw emotion and unyielding determination. With a sickening feeling gnawing at the core, the song’s central character finds himself anxiously awaiting the departure of someone who has become a monstrous force in his life. Like a relentless anchor, this figure holds him down, provoking a symphony of resistance as he kicks and screams against the weight pressing upon him.

The latest release, Healing, embodies the essence of metalcore while venturing into uncharted territory. Featuring measured instrumental hooks, effect-pinched harmonies, and intense screamo vocals, the track offers a distinctive and introspective musical experience

Under the influence of Senses Fail, A Day to Remember, Miss Fortune, I Prevail, Rain City Drive, and other icons of the 00s era, tributes are paid to the timeless icons as familiar territory is stormed across, while a distinctive sonic signature forges across each boundlessly expansive hit. While there are few topics LAKE is unafraid to intrepidly explore, his solo project will continue to hand resonance over to fans hand over fist by creating head-bangable expositions on anxiety and heartbreak.

The singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer takes complete control of what surges into your ears when you hit play while utilizing the talents of collaborative artists from across the globe. His debut release, Recovery, features collaborative artists from England, the States, and Europe. For his future releases, an open invitation for collaboration remains extended to the community of metalcore-inclined artists who share his drive to pull audiences into a deeper introspective level with impactfully sincere rancor.

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