After a seven-year hiatus, the UK-based singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Shout London (AKA TJ Whiting), best known for his ability to bring a melodic sense of calm to a tumultuous world, made his highly anticipated comeback with the single, Someday.

While the genre is inconsequential in the songwriting process, Shout London’s sound is best described as an alt-pop-rock amalgam; whichever sonic form Shout London’s hits take, fervid heart-in-throat emotion is always at the crux of the creativity. As is the independent artist’s inclination to give his bitter-sweet hits an arresting progressive nature that amplifies emotion in line with sonic momentum.

The long-awaited comeback single puts wanderlust in an evocative new light and exhibits the stylistic maturity the solo artist has amassed away from the project. Resonating with everyone that has drifted across the globe in search of solace and meaning, the melodic pop-rock single pays optimism-spliced melancholic homage to the intrinsically human inclination to never stop persevering to outrun ghosts and find new territory for escapism. After a reverb-laden dreamy intro, the orchestrally striking release evolves into one that wouldn’t be out of place in the next Hollywood Blockbuster.

The sophomore single, Lost in the Dark, allows themes from the cinematic debut to prevail while delving deeper into the paradigms of regret by proving that beauty often lies in the most painful memories. The gentle guitar crescendos after the angular accordance against the John Bonham-Esque drums creates a hook-laden platform for the solo artist’s harmonically assured vocal timbre to fall. The lyrical confessionalism alludes to the universally shared tendency to lose himself in the darkness and not appreciate what he’s got until the light of it has faded.

The latest single, White Noise, is a significant transformation from Shout London’s previous two recent releases. It sinks its hooky teeth into tones popularised by the 00s pop-punk era, but Shout London’s signature melodic mark has been unequivocally branded across the progressive earworm, which your rhythmic pulses won’t be quick to forget. The pulsating bassline, euphoric choruses, and animated zeal in the vocals as they wrap around the sticky-sweet lyrics compile the ultimate formula for sonic rhapsody.

August 2023 will see the third album released from Shout London, following on from the success of his debut 2013 album, Rememories, and his sophomore album, Rewrite the Past. Andrew Wade from A Day to Remember collaborated on the debut LP, and Shout London is still keen to collaborate with international artists following the hiatus.

Before his break from the project, Shout London played with a backing band at the 2013 Van’s Warped Tour and the 2013 Bryan Stars Tour, in addition to opening for the Goo Goo Dolls and Young the Giant at SunFest in 2014. Other notable names that the singer, songwriter, producer, and international collaborator has shared stages with include Go Radio, Melanie Martinez, Echosmith, JT Woodruff (Hawthorne Heights), and Brook Betts (Mayday Parade).

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